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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Origin of the Poop Eating Little Girl

Recognize this little girl?
Here's the answer to the mystery of the poop-eating girl in the ad/poster that stirred up so much controversy in Bristol.  The image was used in other towns before it became as well known, and may be used again, but as I (and another blogger whose post was cited first for this) wondered, did this little girl's parents know she was modeling for eating poop? 
The home insurance commercial below from Sainsbury's Bank answered my question.  Here's the little girl in a much happier, poop-free scenario.  It looks so much like her, it has to be the same little girl.  I still wonder if the parents signed off on this or if some modeling agency made the decision.  She seems to be doing the same pose with some brown substance on her hands and face - I wonder what it's supposed to mean in the bank commercial.
Here is the image that we recognize her from:

The BBC coverage of the controversy:

And the Sainsbury Bank commercial:

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