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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May 28, 2013

Today we went on a completely new route and saw a deer near some old granite quarries.  There wasn't much dog poop to be seen, but it was really cool to see the deer.  We were on a hiking trail near a luxury housing development that went in near some quarries and just happened upon a deer in the middle of the trail.  We got pretty close to it, and after a second of each of us realizing what was going on it bounded away into the woods.

I suspect something happened here with dog poop, like someone cleaned it up after stepping in it once.  Taken May 28, 2013

The deer first ran away then stopped to take a look at us before leaving for good.  Taken May 28, 2013

Taken May 28, 2013

In front of the Jack Russell's house.  Taken May 28, 2013

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