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Music Videos

You'd be amazed how many music videos there are out there that feature dog poop.  I've put the best of the best together here for your viewing pleasure.  

Dog Doogity
I'm reluctant to put this video first, because the rest pale in comparison.  This is a real music video that parodies a now old song, seamlessly incorporating dog doo into it.  I found this with the help of, a blog by the owner of two Dachshunds who was involved in the production. You can also find more information at  Here's what was written about it on youtube:
"We made this video to help raise awareness about how cleaning up your dog poop will improve water quality in Puget Sound ( So pick-up that doo! And learn more about what you can do to help Puget Sound at"

Wakefield Council
Here's one from the Wakefield Council in the UK.  There is so much going on in this that I'm still trying to unwrap all the different layers, but there seems to be  an Oompa Loompa thing going on with the suspenders and jumping out from behind the tree.  I love that they have the lyrics at the bottom, in fact there isn't much about this video I don't like.  Toxocariasis is no friend, especially to little children!

This next music video is by someone named GloZell, who has several music videos on YouTube.  The song is available on iTunes as well, but I think you should listen to it before spending any money on it.  

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