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Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Dog Doo-Doo Vision

My vision for the Pictures of Dog Doo-Doo community is that someday, when your neighbor takes their dog for a walk, devotees will be lined up behind, vying to be the first to post a picture of the dog's doo-doo.  Everyone everywhere will know the moment a dog doo-doo hits the pavement, lawn, or concrete.

For now, we're just a humble little blog with pictures I've taken and a few submitted through twitter.  With support and an increase in popularity I hope to develop social media pages, more humor on the site, and even an app with doo-doo tracking in major metropolitan areas.  Have you ever visited a city  and not been able to enjoy the sights walking the streets because of dog poop everywhere?  I hope to put a stop to this.

Another aspect of this project is the contribution to the sum of human knowledge that it represents.  Every day we add a little bit of data from our corner of the universe to all the wisdom and understanding that human beings have accumulated.

Someday, with a lot of hard work and the help of the community, I hope to make my vision a reality.  Thank you.

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