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More Doo-Doo Blogs

So far I haven't found many other dog doo-doo blogs.  I'd love to get an agreement with any of these blog owners to share pictures, and some come from England and beyond!

Here's a blog entry from Lily's Pad examining the myth that dog poop acts as fertilizer when left behind by irresponsible dog owners.

"Just say boo to poo" is the title of this blog entry from a blog called "My GBGV Life."  I haven't figured out what that means yet.

Here's an exchange between a wife and husband regarding dog poop in the back yard when there are fallen leaves around.  The author shares her strategy for not stepping in the poop.

Here's a blog entry from a blog entitled "Things That Piss Me Off." This post is about dog poop:

This isn't a blog, but some kind of Rural Observation Community Initiative Europe, and more specifically an account of goings on in a place called Cawthwaite. This is the Cawthwaite Catch-Up:

Here's a great rant from someone who witnessed an irresponsible dog owner while in traffic and has some thoughts about it to share:

Here's one that has a good discussion on the rationale of people who leave their poop behind, and some ideas on how we can solve the problem:

This is a blog entry, this time from someone in Ottawa who tracked dog doo into their work.

Here's one I found that is very similar to my own idea, but this one is the "dog shit selfie" page. They have lots of pictures, and it's worth taking a look at.

Here's a funny blog entry of a person with diabetes who ate some glucose wafers from a plastic bag that looked like a dog doo bag:

Here's an entry from Rose's Cantina about a wooded area in Ottawa that closed itself to dogs because of irresponsible dog owners:

This is not a whole blog but a blog entry about dog poop, but very informative:

A blog dedicated to eliminating the problem of dog poop in Chicago's South Loop, it's called "South Poop."

This blog is meant to catalog poop found in the English town of Seaford and get owners to pick up after themselves:

Here's a blog that hasn't been active since 2010, but has a lot of good pictures and a similar format to picturesofdogdoodoo.  This site is based out of San Francisco, CA.

This is just a fun blog to discuss any craziness you can imagine.  There are rules and moderators, but it's usually a pretty lively conversation.

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