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Doo-Doo in the News

Here's an article from the Boston Globe about how Provincetown, Massachusetts became the nation's dog friendliest place.  Provincetown (call it P-town) has always been known as Boston's gay alter ego, and it's a fun place to walk around.  They're very accepting there, and not just of humans.

Know your rights!  This article talks about dog fouling laws in the UK and hopes to cut back on irresponsible dog owners.

In Gloucestershire, England a council has decided to highlight dog fouling by spray painting the turds orange!  People are going to think a bunch of oompa-loompas who aren't potty trained got loose!

The Spanish town of Brunete has been in the news a lot lately for their campaign that mails dog poop back to its owners.  There are so many articles, it's hard to choose just one!

The title of this article says it all: "Family Tired of Junk Mail Addressed to Dog Mails Feces to Anthem."  I wonder if the mail was addressed to "Santos L. Halper."

A project in Wales to produce energy from the scourge of the sidewalks.  Apparently they spell "feces" "faeces" in British English:

Imagine how much poop they find in Alaska when all the snow melts!

In Wakefield, UK, citizens are urged to report dog walkers who don't clean up after their dog:

A town in England using spray-paint and stencils to highlight dog poop on the sidewalk:

In Eugene Oregon, dog parks are providing fewer free bags for people to clean up after their pets:

A New Zealand project to turn dog poop into energy:

CU-Boulder did a study that found bacteria from dog feces in the air in urban areas:

Louisville shuts down a bridge to pet traffic because of dogs pooping on the bridge:

A study that finds that picking up pet poop is one of the best, cheapest ways to protect the Chesapeake Bay:

Apparently an apartment complex in Texas will use DNA from dog poop to crack down on residents who don't clean up after their pets.  Seems a bit over the top, but sometimes enough is enough.

Repurposing doo-doo: <p> This page requires a browser that supports frames!</p>

Some rules/a rant about dog poop during snowy times:

This story is terrible.  I might have believed it to be an innocent mistake, until the man started shouting racial epithets.  I'm not usually in favor of physical violence but I think he was lucky he wasn't more seriously hurt.  

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