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Monday, April 15, 2013

April 15, 2013: Boston Marathon

We were at the marathon today, in the Coolidge Corner area.  If my son hadn't been frightened of the crowd and cried every time we approached the race we probably would have all walked to the finish line.  Who knows, but all our thoughts and prayers for everyone at the marathon.

I have so many thoughts right now.  Who the F#$@$!%_@)& attacks a marathon?  Everyone comes to the marathon to cheer on the runners; there's no opposing team or reason to be anything but positive.  When things like this happen I wonder if a world without violence is even possible.

I see the news clips with all the flags lined up in front of the wreckage, and something drastic needs to change in the world before we destroy ourselves.  People are all fundamentally the same, and until we recognize and understand this violence will continue to terrorize the population of the world.  Whether it's organized by the government or one malcontent.

If we allow terrorists to interrupt our lives, we give them what they want.  They want us to live in fear, and be too afraid to do what we do.  To that end I have a few photos from today.  One is not dog poop but horse poop, from just outside Coolidge Corner and the marathon.  The rest are from around our neighborhood.

Horse poop in the street just outside Coolidge Corner.   Taken April 15, 2013

Right outside our building.  Taken April 15, 2013

Some white poop.  Taken April 15, 2013

I wouldn't have seen this one if my wife hadn't pointed it out.  There's also a piece of white poop to the right.  Taken April 15, 2013
This is the reason I almost missed the above picture.  As we approached with the stroller, these two dogs growled and came up to bark at us.  They're tied up to a drain pipe, or something equally flimsy, and only have about two feet of lead between them so they are always stuck right next to each other.  At first they were growling and barking and seemed intimidating, and then the white one mounted the black one.  I was cracking up and had to get a picture.  Taken April 15, 2013

In front of the doo-doo house.  Taken April 15, 2013

With a slow children sign in the background.  Taken April 15, 2013

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