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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Rue Rude on Dog Poop in Paris

I found a site today with a hilarious picture, originally taken by someone called Ggugg on flickr, with a dog poop sign that's been "altered" by someone sick of all the dog poop.  Either that or they have something clinically wrong with them.  Maybe both.

I found the image at Rue Rude, a blog written by an American living in Paris, along with a scathing first-hand analysis of dog poop in the city.  20 years of experience living there gives the author a credible perspective on the problem.  According to Rue Rude, hundreds of people go to the hospital every year because of dog poop. The blog is very well written and worth checking out if you are interested in Paris or not.  Did you know in Paris they used to have a squad of dog poop collectors on mopeds?

Photo by Ggugg (on flickr)

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Schmazzurro! HUNDESCHEISSE McDonald's Billboard

I don't remember where I got this image, but it's a McDonald's billboard that someone wrote "HUNDESCHEISSE" on.  Specifically on the hamburger part of the picture.  Google translate didn't know what "Schmazzurro" means, so if anyone does please let us know.  If you need google translate to know what "HUNDESCHEISSE" means, you're not good at reading contextual clues.  Here's a hint: this website is all about pictures of dog doo-doo.  

Part of a new McDonald's ad campaign, or hilarious graffiti?  Most likely the latter.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Michele Mician's dog poo fairy tweet

It would seem that the Chicago Park District has adopted the "poop fairy" concept in their new anti-dog poop signs.  This picture was presumably taken by someone named Michele Mician and posted to twitter.
If you follow PoDDD then you're already familiar with the dog poo fairy campaign in the UK, and I wonder if this Chicago Poop Fairy was inspired by it.  Judge for yourself:

Keep Britain Tidy
Chicago Park District

Thursday, August 28, 2014

edfomeara's post on Vine

This man has always had a deep love for the countryside, but always remember to watch where you're going!  Some people think that dog poop is natural and doesn't need to be picked up when hiking or walking in the forest, but it can still carry dangerous bacteria and it is still important to clean up after your dog.  Just ask edfomeara:

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Spelthorne Council's Controversial Campaign

Here are two signs that have caused a bit of a stir in the Borough of Spelthorne, UK.  Be warned, the first image is rather graphic, although I'm sure the child is probably eating some kind of chocolate mousse or bread pudding or something.  These images were first used in 2013, but according to Metro they went viral after being posted to imgur.  The second image is not as graphic.

I like how in the UK many of the councils have anonymous hotlines to call and report the dog mess, and I've often thought about setting up the same here in the US.  My dream would be to create an app that would allow people to post and receive alerts when they discover dog poop, so anyone with a smartphone (and GPS) would know when they are getting close to a turd.  We all have dreams.

Found at

Found at

Friday, August 22, 2014

San Marino mayor resigns over dog poop scandal

During my prolonged hiatus, I missed quite a few interesting stories related to dog doo.  This story comes from San Marino, CA, where the mayor was caught on tape throwing a bag of dog doo-doo on a neighbor's lawn.  Dennis Kneier is the man with the briefcase (and bag of poop) in the video.  Here's the news story from cbsLA:

According to this article from 89.3 KPCC, the residents of San Marino demanded the resignation of the mayor in the midst of what has become known as "poopgate."

Philip Lao, the man on whose lawn the former mayor threw the poop, opposed Kneier's attempts to paint bike lanes on the street and put new lights on the tennis court, according to this ABC news article.  Lao posted this sign in his front yard as a result of the unwanted dog poop.

The sign on Philip Lao's front yard, from ABC news
This reminds me of the Doo-doo Feud at the Jersey Shore that I posted about last summer.  If only I had gotten the perpetrator(s) on tape!

Im Durchgang darfst du nicht!

Well, it's been quite some time since I've posted or done anything here, but it's been a busy 6 months as we've had another child and I've finally finished school.  But do not despair!  I've been obsessively taking pictures of every dog turd and sign I walk by so that someday I could post them here.

This picture is of a sign in Switzerland at the start of a pedestrian walkway through a building.  It's not strictly about dogs pooping but rather dogs peeing, but I think it's implied that dogs shouldn't poop there as well.  In the walkway there are shops and entrances to the apartments above, and I'm sure the people using the Durchgang don't want to be stepping in dog pee (or poop).  The word dürfen (conjugated here as darfst) is usually a very polite way of asking something, so this is a very well-mannered sign.

A sign in Switzerland that asks you not to let your dog pee in the Durchgang