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Friday, August 22, 2014

San Marino mayor resigns over dog poop scandal

During my prolonged hiatus, I missed quite a few interesting stories related to dog doo.  This story comes from San Marino, CA, where the mayor was caught on tape throwing a bag of dog doo-doo on a neighbor's lawn.  Dennis Kneier is the man with the briefcase (and bag of poop) in the video.  Here's the news story from cbsLA:

According to this article from 89.3 KPCC, the residents of San Marino demanded the resignation of the mayor in the midst of what has become known as "poopgate."

Philip Lao, the man on whose lawn the former mayor threw the poop, opposed Kneier's attempts to paint bike lanes on the street and put new lights on the tennis court, according to this ABC news article.  Lao posted this sign in his front yard as a result of the unwanted dog poop.

The sign on Philip Lao's front yard, from ABC news
This reminds me of the Doo-doo Feud at the Jersey Shore that I posted about last summer.  If only I had gotten the perpetrator(s) on tape!

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