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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Doo-doo Feud at the Jersey Shore

The wait is over.  The much anticipated photos from the budding doo-doo feud down in New Jersey are here!  One morning we were going to my in-laws' house and found this turd on the steps.  It's got pebbles and sand with it, so it clearly was picked up by someone then deposited there.  It was trash day that day, and by the trash outside a house a couple of doors down I found an open bag of poop.

We called the police, and it's not considered vandalism because nothing was damaged.  I wanted to educate the officer about the dangers of dog poop but it wasn't really the time.  It'll simply show up in the report in case something else happens in the future.  

The poop we found on the front steps the next morning.  Taken July 8, 2013

A turd I found while looking around for clues as to who left the poop on the step.  Taken July 8, 2013

Another ancillary turd.  Taken July 8, 2013

The open bag of poop.  Taken July 8, 2013

The open bag of poop with the house number visible.  Taken July 8, 2013

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