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Saturday, July 13, 2013

July 11, 2013

Here's a picture that's a little different.  Rest assured that it is of dog poop, but it was taken using a small mountable camera that I put on my son's helmet when he's riding in the bike seat behind me.  It's called the Epic D1 Action camera, and while the picture on the box showed someone wearing it whitewater kayaking it is not waterproof.  I've seen nicer cameras out there but it's not bad for $60.  My son's head moves and bounces around so much that the video is almost unwatchable, but while we were riding I noticed this turd and stopped to get it with the camera.  It was an easy matter to take a screenshot with the poop cued up and here we are!

Some poop from a screenshot of the video from my son's helmet cam.  Taken July 11, 2013

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