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Friday, June 14, 2013


Here's another product that promises a sanitary dog poop experience, the Catch-a-Poop.  Their catch phrases are: "for a germ and stain-free environment," and "why scoop a poop when you can catch a poop?"  You can't fake New Jersey accents like these.

When your dog goes to poop, you hold this thing under the dog and it poops right into the bag.  The Catch-a-Poop then folds up the bag for easy disposal.  Timing is important, because some dogs might not like to have this thing thrust under them as they're doing their business.  It's basically like carrying around a shovel for your dog to poop on, but the poop goes into a bag.  In fact you could probably wrap a shovel in a regular plastic bag, then turn the bag inside out and tie for disposal.

The problem, like with most of these miracle dog scooper products, is that you need to purchase special bags for the device.  Even if the bags are reasonably priced, you are forever forced to buy them from the manufacturer and have to cross your fingers that they never go out of business.  Unless you can jury rig something with another bag, but someone should invent a system that uses a more universal plastic bag.

Here's the commercial:

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