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Monday, June 24, 2013

June 24, 2013

It's pretty hot here in Massachusetts today, but we went for a walk anyway.  I saw some old turds and two responsible dog owners who cleaned up after their dogs.  One pic is of the remnants of one of those poops, because even when you clean up something is still left behind.

This one is a repeat.  Taken June 24, 2013

The poop is very small in this pic, but I wanted to capture as much of the setting as I could.  This is my local Starbucks, and I'm starting to wonder if people let their dogs poop there on purpose.  Taken June 24, 2013

What was left after the owner of a golden retriever picked up its poop.  Something is always left behind, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't remove as much as we can!  Taken June 24, 2013

Another repeat, this one has been there for ages now.  Taken June 24, 2013

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