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Friday, June 28, 2013

June 28, 2013

Well, I am on vacation for two weeks and having a hard time keeping up with the posts.  I've found a few turds down here at the Jersey Shore, but I'm using the neighbor's wireless signal to get on the internet and it's not very fast or reliable.  Doo-doo never takes a vacation!  

A small, hairy turd.  Taken June 28, 2013

The doo-doo plant.  I wonder if that leaf is dying because it's touching the poop.  Taken June 28, 2013

I thought this woman might be responsible for the poops outside my local Starbucks, as this is right down the street from it.  Taken June 28, 2013

She cleaned up after her dog, and had white bags (as opposed to the black and blue ones littering the area).  Taken June 28, 2013

Here's the blue bagged doo-doo, possibly after being run over by a street sweeper.   Taken June 28, 2013

The rain has washed some of this one away.  Taken June 28, 2013

Outside the doo-doo house.  I scared all the flies away before I could get the shot.  Taken June 28, 2013

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