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Thursday, October 10, 2013

NMSU Students Living in Dog Poop

New Mexico State University students set up a mock apartment with filthy conditions to practice gathering evidence in child abuse cases.  I'm sure part of the training involves photographing the evidence, so NMSU students learning about child advocacy are also learning to take pictures of dog doo-doo.  I would be happy at any time to come out to New Mexico and lend what expertise I have in the field of dog doo photography to the program, although up to this point it hasn't been for anything so serious.  It is important for childrens' playgrounds to be free of dog poop, but it is even more important in their homes.

Here's the info straight from KRQE News 13:

LAS CRUCES (KRQE) - The scene looks horrific.
Rats, dog poop, bugs and weapons were all found inside a four-bedroom college apartment where children live. But it is all fake.

There was a mock house on the New Mexico State University campus, where trainees and child advocacy studies students practiced collecting evidence in child abuse cases.
The Southwest Region National Child Protection Training Center based at NMSU trains attendees from San Diego to San Antonio.
They say training, like this, is badly needed to protect the children.

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