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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Police Back-Up Called in Dog Poop Drama

Here's a video from the UK of a police officer trying to enforce the scooper laws there.  The woman does a fair amount of (bleeped out) cursing, and the person filming really wants to see the poop in question.  I'm sure she's just trying to get out of the ticket, but even bleeped out it sounds like she gets pretty nasty.

This video came from yahoo, and here's what they said about it:

A New Year’s Day walk in the park turned foul for one London dog-owner. Amber Langtry was walking her dog with a friend in Victoria Park when a Council Enforcement Officer accused Langtry of not cleaning up after her pet. Langtry denied the allegation and challenged the park officer to show her the offending evidence. An argument ensued between the pair and eventually led to the officer calling for police back up. Credit: Amber Langtry

by Storyful 10:29 mins

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