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Friday, January 30, 2015

California Tax Board Receives Package of Dog Poop

The California Franchise Tax Board in Sacramento was evacuated and a level 2 hazmat team was called in when a suspicious package with a "strong odor" arrived in the mail.  The mail room and about 100 workers were evacuated before the package was inspected and found to contain dog poop.

Level 2 HazMat suits.  Photo Credit: Sacramento Metro Fire Department
They don't know who mailed the package yet, but I'd be surprised if they don't make a special effort to catch the culprit.  Getting a municipal building evacuated tends to tick a few (usually important) people off.  Who knows what the charges will be when they catch the person, but I'd bet this counts as a terrorist act.

You can read more at CBS Sacramento, where I got all of this information.  Follow the link if you want to read the same thing with banners and ads for CBS in the margin.

In fact, when you google this story at least 20 articles come up all saying the same thing.  The whole story may have developed from this tweet from @metrofirepio, the twitter account for Sacramento Metro Fire:

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