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Monday, December 29, 2014

Dog Poop and Broken Glass

Here's a shot from right outside the building where we live.  My son, who is almost 3 years old, likes to cut through the bushes when we're going out walking, he calls this his "special way."  It's too small a path for an adult to cut through, and in another year or two he will be too big to fit.  Today we discovered that not only had someone let their dog poop there without cleaning it up, but someone smashed a beer bottle as well.

Dog poop and broken glass right outside my building

It's harder to see the broken glass, but the dog doo is pretty obvious.  Most adults wouldn't even look in this gap between the bushes, but since my small child likes to cut through this way we noticed it right away.  I caught him just before he stepped in the turd, and I had to go out and clean it up myself to keep it from happening in the future.  

The beer bottle is in such a strange place I have to assume it came from someone out drinking in public (illegal in the U.S.) or was thrown from a passing car (also illegal).  Clearly whoever did this has bigger problems than dog poop and is probably not in complete control of their actions.  I hope they can find the help they need.  

I also hope whoever allowed their dog to do this comes to their senses and starts picking up after their dog.  Sometimes accidents happen; a surprise second poop on a walk may mean you're out of poop bags.  But I noticed this turd yesterday, and at least 24 hours later it was still sitting there so it's not like the culprit was in any hurry to come back and take care of their business.  Or their dog's business.  

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