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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Beneful Dream Dog Park 2013 Contest

Here's a video made by Deanna and Day-Z of Orem, UT, for the Beneful Dream Dog Park Contest.  The contest is pretty cool actually, and the winner gets $500K to make their dream dog park in their city.  Go to and vote for them.  I'm thinking about next year's contest and maybe putting together an entry… I have a few ideas myself for a dog park.

Here's the written entry that accompanies the video:

One of the best things about living in Utah is the scenery. My dog and I love to go camping and hiking to enjoy that scenery. I would like to build a dog park that keeps the nature/camping atmosphere. A park with lots of trees. Instead of a swimming pool, there could be more of a canal looking spot for dogs to cross with a deeper part they can swim in and maybe a waterfall. A "fire pit" sand box because my pooch likes to dig! Log-shaped dog tunnels for them to climb through. Lantern lights that turn on at night. A big camping tent area for shade. Mountain/rolling hill bridges to cross to practice agility. Picnic benches for owners to relax while their dog plays. A fetch field with match sticks. Big rocks to climb for lookout areas. Maybe small "arches" (our state is famous for them) they can jump through. I just imagine all of the things you think of when you go camping or go to summer camp: flashlights, rocks, tents, sleeping bags, mountains, canoes, fires, trees, cabins, trail marker signs, etc.

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