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Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Here's a product that came to my attention via twitter, and it makes two important promises.  First is that you can recycle your bread bags to pick up after your dog, and do so without bending over.

This caused me to look for GoGoStik on youtube, and the videos abound.  I picked the creepiest one to embed here, but to tell you the truth I only watched one or two.  Once you understand how it works you don't need to see it 100 times.

Before I tell you why I like this product, let me remind you that I don't receive any sort of kickback or promotional compensation for talking about these products.  I'm not sure what kind of an advertising budget the company that makes the GoGoStik has, but I'm willing to bet it's about the same as ours here at PoDDD.  

The GoGoStik is good because it uses bags you already have.  Some products have special bags, only available from the manufacturer.  If GoGoStik inc goes out of business, you can still use the product.  

The second reason I like it is because you don't have to bend over at all when using it.  Here's another poop video showing how to do it:

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