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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Kitty Poops at the Dog Park

This humorous video depicts what would happen if a cat pooped at a dog park where the dogs can speak with accents from various ethnic stereotypes.  The comments on youtube say to share this with dog and cat owners, but I think outdoor cat owners could care less about where their cats poop.  There does seem to be a double standard there, but cats are much less regulated (or controllable).

Here is the info from YouTube:

Published on May 4, 2012
Please Scoop The Poop.
Share this with dog and cat owners! - Funny kitty poops at the dog park and lets the puppies take the blame.

whistle then poop with fart noise.
hehehe they will never know it was me!
It smells like puppy kaka.
omg that is disgusting! what is that?
Yo, homes, that is just wrong. Who put that turd there? Was that you little lady?
I would never! I'am a pure bred and that is disgusting. We don't do that.
Hey little mutt, stop sniffing my booty. It was not me!
You're such a liar!
What are you a TSA Agent or something? Just because I'am brown does not mean it was me.
Might I point out that you are the one standing over the doo doo.
Yo, who dropped the bomb? Was it you brownie?
Holy poop oli it was not me! Please stop blaming me.
Had to be the little mexican dog then.
Yo essay don't make me tail smack you.
Hey Chico you have a few too many churros this morning?
Don't mess with me i'am part of the pupperoni posse.
Pupperoni posse, whatever.
Man, you better run for the border.
Grrr, don't make me get my bite on. Fetch me a saucy bean burrito!
Here Poochie Poochie!
I'am so sick of hearing oh here poochie pooch.
This is so stressful!
poop with fart noise
Please scoop the poop!
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