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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Anthony Cecchetti (@acecchetti85)'s tweet

Here are two tweets from someone who took a picture of a friend "lyon on a dog shit," then refused to explain and called me a "fucking freak."  He seems to think there is some difference between the two of us, obviously unaware that he himself posted a dog shit picture.  He seems smart; NASA I'm sure you'll be hearing from Anthony Cecchetti soon!

Finally, here's an example of the awesome brain power Anthony Cecchetti has at his disposal.  I'm not usually vindictive like this, but this kid is begging for it.
The solution to the puzzle is that it should equal £97 and not £100; the wording is just nonsense to confuse you.  As for putting him out of his misery, it's up to God to decide when that happens.

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