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Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Dog Poo Capitol of Britain

A mother in the town of Haverhill is calling her town the dog poo capitol of Britain.  Mel Turnbull says "[Haverhill] is the dog poo capital of Britain and now with the wet weather one pile spreads and then you've got three more. I am prepared to spray paint it all pink." She's got some great quotes, it's worth checking out the link.  She talks about how her son could have gone blind, and how the wet poop spattered all over her and her childrens' clothing.

Mel Turnbull with her children Evie and Callum

Turnbull believes it has become a copycat crime, and dog owners don't clean up after their pets because they see others don't. What do you think?

Dog fouling is a massive problem in Haverhill

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